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Workflow management with OneDesk

OneDesk was designed to make workflow management easier for every department in an organization, OneDesk supports different types of workflow.

One of the difficulties many executive face when it comes to workflow management is that they must keep the whole team on the same page in terms of its completion. Thus, they must closely monitor the project from start to finish, ensure that everyone knows what stage it’s at, and who’s turn it is to work on it.

OneDesk simplifies workflow management in the following areas: Helpdesk management, feedback and ideas management, issue and task management, and requirements management.

Let us begin by explaining how OneDesk automatically triggers workflows in this short video. Over the next couple of days, we’ll highlight each type of workflow and show how they each ease workflow management for different roles.

We want to know: What are some challenges you face in terms of workflow management?

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  1. Alice

    Thank you for sharing, there are already many good automation solutions from airslate. The business process automation system will ultimately improve business efficiency. Since it is based on the idea of continuous improvement of the process, the efficiency will constantly increase.

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